Today is Carter’s Four Month Birthday!  I cannot believe how quickly the past four months have flown by – it honestly seems like yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital.  To mark the occasion, I am going to do an updated list of my favorite things :-)

      • I love that he talks a lot to himself – it is the most adorable thing you have ever heard.  It’s the baby babble where he is discovering his voice & the range of it and is one of the happiest sounds I have ever heard.
      • He is a crazy roller – he can go pretty much back and forth at will now & without any problems.  This creates quite an issue when he rolls and bonks his head on the side of his crib!  Oh, and he is starting to rotate as well, which makes it even more amusing.
      • I love that he is recognizing different things now.  He knows people and responds to them & unfortunately this means he responds when he doesn’t know people too.
      • He now gets totally distracted when he eats.  He will be mid feeding and hear someone speak or a noise and he will pause and look up at me like, “What?  What was that?” and turn back down to continue eating.  Then he does it again not five seconds later – it is a little game he seems to like to play.
      • He is starting to sit up on his own now – granted it is leaning forward and he is still pretty wobbly, but he is doing it!
      • And he is starting to really get into books – he likes looking at pictures and holding them.

      The big thing we are working on this week is a sleep routine.  He is now going a full 10-12 hours without eating, but he is still waking up throughout the night.  He no longer uses a swaddle, which is both good and bad.  He still seems to have a bit of the startle reflex and that can wake him up and it takes longer to put him down because his arms are all over the place.  But since he is so mobile, it is best that he no longer needs it.  Jeremy has nighttime duty now, so I have actually been able to enjoy a good 6 hours solid of sleep each night.  It’s AMAZING!

      Every day I marvel over what a wonderful little boy he is and I cannot imagine our lives without him.  Each day is so much fun and each stage is more fun than previous one.  We are having such a great time with him!


      We love you Carter!