I survived two days of kids on my own … barely. Our night was very long on friday. Gavin wouldn’t fall asleep until about 11pm, Carter woke up coughing at 1am, Gavin woke up crying at 3am, and then Carter decided that 5am was a good time to start his day. So Saturday was full of caffeine and short on patience. But we survived.

      Sunday was super productive for us. Jeremy took a bunch of stuff to the dump/donations place to get the garage cleaned out. We are really close to being able to actually park our cars in there. I finished hanging all the photo frames and art around the house. All I have left is the master bedroom, which I will get done this week (hopefully today). That meant the living room got cleaned up – I was using that as a staging area to figure out the “collages” for each of the walls I was hanging frames on. I also got the dining room cleaned up and the art hung on the walls in there too. Last step was the laundry area – got frames hung on the walls and that area cleaned up. Now all the common area’s downstairs on done (Jeremy’s office has a little more work left to do on it). Jeremy put together the mirror on our dresser in our bedroom and I finished unpacking our bathroom as well, so really all that is left is finishing up our bedroom, taking about 15 minutes to tidy up Gavin’s room, and then get the bonus room organized and things put away. All should be doable this week before our housewarming party on Saturday!

      For the fourth of July, we had Chip, Sandy and the kids over to see our house and for a BBQ. We learned that our neighbors go all out for the fourth, so we ended up having Mark, Kimmy, and Nikki and Grandma & Grandpa over as well. We defied normal Washington fourths and the weather was amazing – sunny and warm. I actually think summer may have finally arrived!

      Carter chased the girls around all day long, we had tons of food, lots of good conversation and a game of bocce on the lawn. I told myself that I would take lots of photos, but because our second refrigerator died and our new one won’t be delivered until tomorrow, I couldn’t pre-prep a lot of the food. That meant I was in the kitchen for a good chunk of time. Ah well. Chip took a bunch of photos, so I need to grab some of his!

      We had a great time and everyone spent the majority of the time outside – we have such a great yard for entertaining and need to get more outdoor collapsible chairs and tables so that we can spread out more. It’s fun learning all about the spaces and how we will use them.

      All in all, a great weekend!