There is nothing better than waking up to a little boy who is chatting with himself in his crib after 6am (really – that is a nice late time, added bonus of no crying!).  I went in and grabbed Carter and brought him back into bed with me to snuggle.  Carter isn’t a particularly snuggly kid – he doesn’t have time for that.  There are things to explore, places to go, no time to actually sit still and be hugged.  Except in the mornings when he is waking up, there is this window of time where he is happy as could be just snuggled right up to you. 

      Then there is the funny transition time from snuggle to moving that is usually indicated by taking his wubbanub (his binkie with a stuffed animal attached) in his hand and then whacking it everywhere – preferably across your face, chest, or anything that makes a good thumping noise.  We lasted about five minutes this morning, but MAN, those five minutes were great :-)