Good Morning everyone!  Today I thought it would be fun to post a handful of the accumulating photos that we have been taking.  Carter continues to grow and grow – my little baby is soooo not a newborn anymore.


      This one shows how blue his eyes are and you can really see his superman curl.  He is our little chubbikins these days – the formula has definitely made him gain weight!




      We started giving Carter solids about a week and a half ago – he is eating like a champ & really likes the sweet potatoes and green beans so far!



      After checking on him before going to bed one night, Jeremy calls me into his room.  Carter totally has the running man pose while sound asleep.  We both just cracked up and decided taking a picture was worth the risk of waking him up.  Thankfully, he snoozed right through it all!


      Our kid is a total tv addict.  He loves the bright picture and things moving on the screen.  He will literally sit there and be totally consumed by it!  Needless to say, the tv stays off most of the time until he goes to bed at night.

      This weekend should be a lot more relaxing than last weekend.  I am having the neighborhood moms over tonight for a wake.  Yes,  that is right – a wake.  We are celebrating the life and death of "stay at home mom Lisa."  Figured a wine and cheese party would be a fun way to get everyone together to catch up, now that I have gone back to work.

      Saturday I have a nine mile run & I think Ian may be coming down for a visit.  Then NOTHING ELSE PLANNED!  Have to say I am excited about that, we have just been so busy that it will be nice to not have to worry about anything else!


      I think we have the same footie pjs – from Children’s Place? lol


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