So yes, I am up early today.  We crashed early last night and I woke up at 4:30 and decided instead of staring at the ceiling I would get myself going today.

      We had a REALLY fun weekend – Saturday was the shower for the Skorupa side of the family where it was so much fun to see some friends and relatives that I have not spent time with in years.  It was great to get together for a happy occasion (we typically seem to see each other at funerals at this point).  The shower was a hit too, everyone seemed to have a great time! 

      Shawna provided the best baby shower games I think I have ever played, which included matching baby names to celebrities and a baby-style Price Is Right, complete with the final showcase showdown!  Denise made this AMAZING bear and baby block cake that had to have taken her hours to complete.  I was beyond impressed!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of still photos, but mom video taped the entire thing, so hopefully I will get some screen grabs from that.

      Saturday night we headed to Mary’s for her annual beer tasting party.  Was fun to see everyone and I figured that this may likely be my last big outing out prior to having the baby (we don’t have many plans from here on out).

      Sunday we completed the last in our series of classes with Infant CPR and Safety – this was probably the most helpful class we have taken.  I didn’t realize how many misconceptions I had about some of the safety hazards (they recommend no bumpers in cribs, hold the baby upside down if it is choking, etc.).  I am really glad that we went.

      Sunday afternoon and evening were busy as well – I made a final list for Babies-R-Us to get the last of the necessary items (changing pad & cover, Diaper Genie, breast feeding pillow, two tiny newborn outfits to bring the baby home in, etc.).  Jeremy got the car seat base and car seat installed, put together all the wonderful shower gifts that we received, so now we are completely set!  All I have left to do is finish laundry and pack my bag.  SCARY!

      But the more terrifying thing is that last night I started having lower back pain … not sure if it was because I spent about 2.5 hours sitting on the floor reaching around and cleaning things or if I am going to have back labor.  It seems like there has been a subtle change in my body over the last two days or so – I don’t know if I am being completely mental or if we are now heading on our way…



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