This weekend just flew by – Friday evening I ran my 12 miles.  It had to have been the most horrible run I have ever had.  It was hot, I was exhausted & my knees hurt.  I swear I had to stop every quarter mile or so after 7.5 miles to stretch.  My time was bad (I finished in 2 hours, 18 minutes and that did not include stoppage for the stretching).  However, I only walked up one hill and did complete the entire run.  Guess you have some good days and some bad days…

      Saturday was crazy – I met Sheryl for a walk and caught up since we haven’t seen each other in awhile.  Then I got home, pulled myself together and we took off to drive east of Bellingham for a wedding.  We picked up a couple of hitchhikers along the way (Todd and Ian came with us).  The wedding was lovely – it was outdoors on bails of hay and we really couldn’t have gotten better weather.  Here are a few fun photos


      Family Photo Op


      Mommy and Carter hanging on the grass


      The Proud parents


      Your really think they are looking at the same thing, but they are not ;-)

      Sunday Chris & Chad were in town, so we had them, Michelle, Rosa, Ian, Todd, & Mary over for some football on the "Anniversary Present" that we got (ahem – there are now 73 new reasons why the guys will be at our house every Sunday to watch football).  Here are a couple of shots of Carter & I in our Sunday gear (thanks to Nana & Papa for my Seahawks jersey & to Uncle Ian & Uncle Todd for Carters Seahawks onsie!).




      Mama, you look FAB!


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