Six years ago today you made your grand entrance. You are our gift for the first day of Spring.

      Your Uncle Mark told me that I should probably think about charging you rent soon because you were so overdue.

      Luckily I didn’t have to, you were just taking your sweet time. Labor pains woke me in the early hours of the morning and we headed to the hospital fairly early because I seem to labor quick. After some epidural issues, we finally got to the point of pushing and fourteen minutes later you were born. The whole story is here if you want to read it – I had a fun walk down memory lane going through all the details (I have been so lucky with having more or less easy and uneventful birthing stories with my kids and am so thankful for that).

      You broke your collar bone on the way out and we didn’t find out until we were being released from the hospital. You broke it again last year when you fell off a swing. Let’s just stop with the breaking things, okay buddy? This mama can’t take it when you are in pain like that.

      For some reason I stopped doing my favorites list after your second birthday, so here you go buddy. Here is what I love about you:

      • You have such an expressive …. everything. Personality, face, movement … just everything about you – there is this magnetism that gravitates people to you. I am pretty sure you are going to make a lot of money in a boy band someday because of this.
      • This last year you have found your own path. You do what you want (even when you shouldn’t), you tell it like it is and you are definitely pushing boundaries even more.
      • Kindergarten sucks for you, but you are still a rock star for pushing through circumstances you have no control over.
      • You have found your passion with the piano and I love watching and listening to you play. Your piano teacher cannot believe how quickly you are continuing to progress and we need to be more diligent on not letting you develop bad habits in you rush to quench that thirst of learning more.
      • You ask the most unique, honest and telling questions that remind us that you are a little boy and it is so endearing (for example, as he looks at a huge eraser at the end of a pencil, “Did the eraser grow like that???”)
      • Academically you love reading the Magic Tree House series and deal with whatever math your older brother wants to teach you – in school your boredom has posed some problems, but you are recovering nicely from it now (and I am so proud of you for this).
      • Athletically you rocked at soccer this year and we are kicking off t-ball today. You love sports and anything physical and thrive when you are able to do them. You are all boy and want to wrestle, push and have a hard time keeping your hands to yourself.
      • You are a funny, funny kid. The crazy faces you can pull off, your silly sense of humor, you just make me giggle and everyone is enamored with you. You have the cuteness factor nailed buddy.

      And you are my baby and I cannot believe that you are already six. Where did the time go? This morning you woke up, all bleary eyed and made your way downstairs and told us, “How about in the morning we say ‘Happy Spring” and this afternoon we say ‘Happy Birthday’?” You are so excited that you are born on the first day of Spring.

      Here are a few photos that we haven’t seen in awhile … and the face that just always makes me smile.



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