Height: 30.5” (85th percentile & Carter was 30.25” at 1 year! Gavin is already trending taller) (6 mo checkup he was 27.5”, 85%)
      Weight: 22lbs, 5oz (65th percentile) (6 mo checkup he was 17lbs, 6oz, 60%)
      Head: 18 5/8” (80th percentile) (6 mo checkup he was 17 3/4”, 80%)

      Overall his development is on track. The doctor was surprised he was walking as well as he was and we should start weaning him off of bottles now and put him on whole milk. Works for us – Gavin tends to prefer solids over bottles these days (he is trying to drop them on his own). I am going to start eliminating one bottle a week and that will put him down to nothing by his birthday. Then I am selling them and reclaiming my cabinet space again! We also need to move him to a big-boy car seat. Our carrier car seat was only rated to 22 pounds. EEEk!

      Here is the little man walkin’ like it ain’t no thang:


      If you could only witness the amount of drool in person. This shot does a good job capturing how much liquid amasses itself on his chin daily:


      And HOW in the world did he get this big?? I had to fit him into his big car seat today: