Another milestone down this week – after dropping off his brother at school for two weeks, Gavin FINALLY got to start preschool. To describe him as excited was an understatement – he was ready and could not wait to go.

      His preschool has been under construction and started a week later than what was originally planned and they had to cancel the open house prior because the construction was still behind schedule. When we showed up for the first day it was Gavin’s first time in the classroom. All the parents were to stay for the first forty five minutes so the kids could get acclimated and we could get a little information. After the time had passed, all the parents were to leave and they were going to deal with any separation issues. As I was leaving, I got a “yeah, whatever mom” good bye and he went back to playing. Uhhh, clearly we didn’t have any separation issues. I wish they had a 4-day a week program (there is only a two day a week program for his age group). When we dropped Carter off at school this morning Gavin was not happy that he didn’t get to go to school as well. I am going to enjoy his enthusiasm while it lasts.

      For me this was also a huge milestone. This was the first time in five and a half years that I was the only person in the house. One of my friends described the feelings as both wonderful and eerie when you are home like that for the first time and I couldn’t agree more. I was able to sit down with a cup of coffee and actually read the news on my laptop without having to get someone something to eat, something to drink, or give help on this or that. It was blissful.

      Now on to Gavin and his first day….

      Our First Day Of School Front Porch shot:

      It wouldn’t be complete without some wonky expressions … the one on the right kills me:

      Settling right in and playing with shapes:
      A fun shape and color sorter caught his attention:
      More toys to explore:
      Coming in off the play ground before pick up:

      First day complete!



      I love it!!! And I finally am able to log in as me, not as Lisa, so I can actually comment now.

      I like the larger photos. I am a Lisa photo junkie.

      Yeah – if I do another 365 project I will do all larger photos. At this point I need to stick with the consistency of it.


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