I cannot believe that Gavin is two months old! How in the world did that happen? He is such a sweet kid, sleeps like a champ (he went 9.5 hours between feedings last night, OMG!), and we are so lucky to have him in our lives.

      His doctors appointment went well – everything looks good, he is alert, he tracks things with his eyes well, he’s happy and smiles in response, his head isn’t flat (for some reason I am oddly paranoid about that one). Only thing he is a little slower on is neck muscle development that you get from tummy time. Since he broke his clavicle, we couldn’t do tummy time, so he is playing catch up there. All in all, a great report!

      Here are his stats:

      Height: 23.5” 70th percentile (Two weeks: 21.5” 90th percentile)
      Weight: 12lbs 1oz (Two weeks: 8lbs 8.5oz 50th percentile)
      Head Circumference: 16.2” 80th percentile (Two weeks: 15” 75th percentile)

      Um, 12 pounds?!?! He is HUGE! And I can’t believe that he grew 2 inches! No wonder he is sleeping so well!



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