Over eleven years ago I made a trip to Italy and was absolutely captivated by the beautiful red geraniums that were used in window boxes everywhere. When I returned home, I searched high and low for the right color of red – it shouldn’t have blue tones, nor orange tones – it needed to be a bright, yet deep true red.

      I finally found it and purchased a bunch of plants (and I have never found this color since). Over the next couple of years I lost almost all of them, except for the six in which I put into two bowls. I kept those bowls in the greenhouse over every winter and over the last few years have taken starts from the original plants. I now have probably another dozen plants surrounding our small lawn just off our deck and more at the edge of our pumpkin patch.

      So this time of year when the rains have been prevalent, the green tends to be rich and lush – making the perfect backdrop for this beautiful red. I waited for a break in the showers and ran out to get a shot of what I get to look out at every day.