Whew – FINALLY we can breath again. It seemed like all we were doing there for quite awhile was unpacking, putting things away, ordering new things that needed to be put together, and there was no down time. Now that the house warming party is over, we can breath that sigh of relief – things are done and that was the perfect forcing function for us to get them done so that we could enjoy the rest of our summer.

      And boy, what a summer it has been. If we get our temps into the 70s it is a good day and I honestly think summer is going to skip us this year. Too bad too – we finally got our sprinkler system pulled together and working. Guess that is the sure guarantee that we would have a cruddy summer.

      Now it is time to start paying attention to things that I have pretty much ignored lately. Like email – I finally cleaned out my inbox from January. I was keeping all house-related messages until we closed on both houses. Delete!

      I have also refocused on my training again. I hit the elliptical for 35 minutes on Tuesday, did a three mile run on friday, and have a four mile run on tap for tomorrow. We have roughly two weeks until the 5k and I would like to be able to run it without issue.

      Along with that, where I did very well following Gavin’s birth when we were crazily trying to sell and buy houses and move, lately I have noticed that my weight is slowly starting to creep back up and I need to put a stop to it. My dad had great success with the 17 day diet, so I think we will give that one a whirl. I can’t do it while nursing, so good thing that Gavin is starting to basically wean himself off of me and prefers a bottle (trying to make this a good thing so I don’t feel rejected). We have had almost four months, so at this point, I am giving up. And honestly, it will make my life SO MUCH easier to not have to spend roughly forty five minutes feeding him every couple of hours. I will miss the focused time with him and will need to make sure I take it in other ways.

      So once Gavin is done, I will start that diet and blog the journey. Jeremy agreed to do it with me too, so it should be interesting! If anything, it will help get me into a better running shape for the half in October.

      And lastly, I need to get my act back in gear with the photography. I have been absolutely terrible about it lately and that needs to stop. No more excuses.

      Now I think I am caught up!


      Woo-hoo on your exercise routine. 12 days to go and you will be fine in the 5K!