Yesterday was Carter’s two month check up.  He is doing fantastic, growing like a weed and the doctor said he looks great.  He weighed in at 10lbs 8oz (31st percentile), was 22.5 inches long (40th percentile), and his head circumference was 55th percentile (they didn’t tell me the exact measurement).  He has had a stuffy nose since birth & I was worried about a deviated septum since that is what Jeremy has, but the doctor took a look and said his nose was developing just fine and he just has a stuffy nose.  He is too young for allergies, so we just get to keep up with the saline to help clear it out. 

      I asked about sleeping patterns and when we should start getting him on a schedule and the doctor said that you cannot do anything that will “spoil” a baby at this point in time.  If he needs to be awake, let him be awake.  If he needs to sleep next to you to sleep, let him do that.  He basically gets to call the shots on what he needs in order to stay happy (which I am totally fine with!).  At around 6 months of age though we will need to start establishing routines and patterns, because he will start making the associations and memories.  The doctor said that we will know when he is ready for it because he will really start putting things together at that point.  Since he has pretty much outgrown the cradle, we need to move the pack-n-play into our bedroom. This sounds like the perfect time to start introducing him to his crib for nap time.  That way when we move him into his room for nights, it won’t be a foreign place to him.

      Our big holiday weekend plans will include finishing the yard (*hopefully*) and date night on Saturday night.  We are leaving Carter with Grandma and Grandpa while we go out for a nice dinner.  Grandma asked me if I was nervous about it – nope.  I just haven’t wanted to leave him because he is so fun.  I am looking forward to remembering who my husband is on Saturday, but it should be interesting to see if we call to check up on Carter at all during the evening ;-)