This week the baby is truly the "apple" of our eyes – s/he is about the size of an apple (4" long, 2.5oz.) in week 15.  The baby can now sense light even though the eyelids are fused shut, and it is moving around like crazy.  The past day or two I have had strange sensations in my stomach, but it feels more like the skin trying to stretch than the baby moving.  General time be able to start to feeling/identifying the movement is between 18-26 weeks for first time moms, so another month or so and I may be able to know if it really is an athlete!  They also recommend reading to the baby now, which means I guess I will now be forced to listen to "Atlas Shrugged" (a book that Jeremy has wanted me to read for the past two years but I can’t get into it because it is SO DEPRESSING at the beginning – also, it is one of the "greats" of literature, which I swore off reading those after I graduated college because I had enough of them).

      This weekend Jeremy is heading to the cabin with my dad, Mark, and the kids for some dirt bike riding & I get the house ALL to myself!  Saturday Bethany is in town, so pedicures and lunch with the girls.  Then Mary and I are heading up to the Marysville outlet mall to check out the Kate Spade outlet – CANNOT wait for that!  Now that I am through the first trimester, my shopping ban has been lifted!!  Sunday is supposed to be nice, so time to rip up the yard.  My mom and I need to go on the hunt for cornstalks and pumpkins now to finish off the front porch decorations – hoping they will be in at Carpenito Brothers (a little market in Kent).  Since October 1st is next week, I will likely pull out all the Halloween decorations and put those up too :)  Did I mention I LOVE the fall??

      Hope everyone has a great weekend!


      Wow, I swore off liturature too after college!  I started reading again with a introduction to children’s literature.  "Where the Red Fern Grows" , "Horton Hatches the Egg", and the "Chronicles of Narnia".  Please rescue Rambo from Atlas! (although I loved it)  I think when I got my Early Childhood Education degree the recommendation was for reading "to the baby".  So you can tell Jeremy he better  get out his Nursery Rhymes and "Silverstein" books.

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