This morning Carter’s class had a Veterans Day Assembly where the Kindergartners led the school in the singing of “My Country Tis Of Thee.” We got it on video (posting to come later once Jeremy can edit it). Outside of Gavin getting himself collapsed into a folding chair (don’t get me started on this kid and the randomness that just goes along with him), I had this overwhelming realization that Carter is a growing older. He was in a school assembly. Singing in front of everyone. This is the tiny bundle I held in my arms not that long ago and now he is growing and spreading his wings. He is reading up a storm, he loves math, he has HOMEWORK. And he had a big day last week when he decided he could do drop off instead of me walking him to his class in the morning. It’s that crazy line of cars, where older kids open the door to let out the student, tell you to have a nice day, then close it and you drive off. You drive off with the hope that your five year old can navigate by himself to his classroom. And I know that most kids to the bus to school each and every day and have been doing it since day one, but we haven’t. Since we waivered into his school I have to drive and have always got out of the car and walked him to his classroom. So him going by himself was huge. And scary. And fantastic – Gavin and I didn’t have to brave the rain! And he is just … older to me now. More confident. And loving every bit of life.