A couple of things happened this week – the first was I think that the baby is growing quite a bit, as it felt like something was trying to smoosh my internal organs at a couple of points.  Felt a little like cramping, but further up in my torso.  The other is that I have "popped out" now where you can tell I have a belly bump while standing up & not just muffin top.  It looks much more like a nice round (still small) baby belly – which actually makes me happier because I was really getting into the grumpy, "I look totally fat and not pregnant" frame of mind.  The crazy part is that it pretty much seemed to happen overnight … one day it looked like muffin top, then next, baby belly.  Funny!

      We are starting Week 19 and the development of the baby is nuts.  There are now indications that the baby can hear – which is great because each night Jeremy reads a fairy tale before we go to sleep (I also never realized that the old-school fairy tales aren’t really um …. good at teaching the right lessons to children?  Sure, its okay that Goldie Locks breaks into someone’s house, eats their food, sleeps in their bed, and then runs away when discovered).  The baby is now 8.5 oz and 6 inches long and its arms, legs and body are now in the right proportion.  We have our big ultrasound next Thursday, so we will get more pictures posted on Halloween!

      Last weekend was fun – Jeremy made it unscathed in his ride at Straddleline.  Mark claimed that it was because he didn’t get out of first gear (I am totally okay with that!).  His bike performed well and he has been adding some modifications to it this week (kickstand, flywheel to help trail riding).  Our dinners were fun – Donna got us a onesie that had "Genius in the Making" on it that made us crack up!

      This weekend we are headed to the cabin again with Todd and Ian.  Weather is supposed to be gorgeous, so I am hoping to get a few nice walks in with Lucy.  Next week will be busy & fun!  We have dinner with Denise, March, & Domenic, then our ultrasound appointment, then Halloween!  Can’t wait to see all the kids!