There have been changes afoot for the last two to three weeks with Carter. Good changes. AWESOME changes. Changes that show me he is working his way into being a boy, not so much a little boy anymore.

      Carter loves his legos. When we first gave them to him, he thought they were pretty cool, but you would basically have to build everything for him while he watched. Then a shift happened – one day he and I followed the instructions to build a house. On the first build, I did most of it, he did a little of it, but we talked about how to follow the instructions and what to look for. Then he tore it down and wanted to build it again. This time he did about half of it and needed me to do half of it. We did this two more times until he got to the point where he was doing it all by himself.

      Now he will sit at his little table with his legos for a good hour and build space ships and pretend with them. This is the kid that doesn’t like to do anything by himself. It is so much fun to watch and his imagination is just taking off. And the best part, if the legos fall apart on him (which they usually do), he responds with, “NOT AGAIN. Oh well, I will just build a new one!”