All we were doing was just trying to have a nice girls night, one last hoorah before the kids descended upon us for the summer. Apparently we know how to attract a crowd because an unexpected attendee made quite an appearance.

      We heard yells from up the pipeline, “BEAR! BEAR! BEAR! BEAR!” and as we were all gathered around the firepit, we turned to look back towards the trail where the bear was casually sauntering down. I don’t think I have seen seven women move that fast. I ran and grabbed my phone to get a photo and we all scrambled a leeeeetle closer to see it. (Our property has a rather large ditch that separates us from the trail, so I got a bit closer than others. Plus I am stupid.)

      So the first set of photos are with my phone, as the bear meanders on down the trail.

      But then it stops. Takes a nice little looksee at that easy little footbridge … holy crap it is coming into our yard and I AM NOT THAT FAR AWAY FROM IT.

      So I bolt into the house and grab my big camera and come running back out. This time the bear has made its way to our cherry tree and starts to pull off a branch and munch it. I have on my 85mm lens, so no zoom, and get as close as I dare … which isn’t that close. I fire off a few photos and realize the bear isn’t going anywhere. So I run back in the house and grab my 70-200mm zoom lens, switch it, and run back out to snap a few more photos before the bear decides to saunter off, back on its way in search of more food for the night.

      Man, I know how to throw a party!