A lot of the blogs I read have “guest blog posts” where the blog owner invites someone to write on their blog for the day.  Today I am going to have Grandpa be my Guest Blogger – he and Carter had a fantastic day yesterday and I only suffered minimal heart attacks when I saw my kid at the end of it…especially after some of these pictures.


      Carter and Grandpa’s  Great Seashore Adventure

      In our unending quest to do cool "guy" things, Carter and I headed off to the beach to terrorize innocent marine life and probably some other innocent life too.  I forgot my sandals so Jeremy gave me his Tivas to keep forever.  He is unaware of that yet but  when I tell him I have a foot fungus, I’m sure he won’t want them back.  They are really comfortable. 

      So off we went.

      The first thing you need to know about Puget Sound beaches is they are like a mine field that doesn’t explode.  It doesn’t need to.  They are mostly rocks encased in barnacles, with numerous sharp edged shells from mussels and clams, strategically placed sharp side up to inflict maximum damage to a falling 1 yr old.  We dodged most of them, but if Carter ever is kidnapped, he has some new unique identifying features now.  Carter and I talked a lot.  Mainly said the same thing, "Oh oh. Don’t tell Mom".  Anyhow, the crazy Ninja beach looked like the perfect adventure to us.  So off we continued making many interesting discoveries:

      Tide pools are meant for running .  Sometimes the top of you can go faster than the bottom of you, though. 

      Slimy things are cool.  When you squeeze them they  squirt between your fingers.  They don’t mind being licked either.  

      Pounding on stuff  is even cooler.  Especially if the stuff is underwater. 

      Bleached white driftwood logs require climbing, balance walking on, poking stuff into holes, and thorough investigation.

      The best stuff is always under something.  The really good stuff is when you can get under there too.

      If you forget your hat, Grandpa will be your human sun umbrella.

      Shore boulders are the perfect size for climbing but are much less padded than the Play Gym ones.  You can slide down them  using unnecessary knee skin as a brake.

      Really small crabs hide under large barnacle encrusted rocks and can’t pinch most of the time.  They like hiding under your sandal when you drop them after you not getting pinched.

      The crying from any catastrophic crash, fall, bump,  bruise, or temporary submersion can be instantly cured with a hug and holding a slimy thing.

      The best place to throw your water bottle out of the stroller is at the end of the pier.  Bonus points if Grandpa is on the phone with Mommy who  freaks out just because the connection was lost after she heard his voice trail off yelling about something going overboard.

      And finally, always remember the cardinal Carter/Grandpa rule, "Oh, oh, don’t tell Mom."

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      Yay! More guest posts from G-pa! Also, I think your feed was broken too b/c I just got like, 10 blog posts in my reader. :-)

      I think Grandpa is an excellent guest blogger. Great wit – I think I would appreciate more from him! :) Glad to see you all are doing well!! Miss you!