Pinterest is the devil. Especially for holidays. We decided to throw a Halloween party this year so I figured … it’s Halloween – we need everything to be themed! So off I went and everything turned out fabulously. I have to give a HUGE thanks and credit to my mom and Cindy for all their help. My mom and I prepped most of the day and Cindy made the skull (which is AMAZING) and also helped pull together the presentation of everything. While I really only got photos of the food and very few of people, Jeremy pulled together an awesome video of our Halloween that has mainly people in it (it is posted below the photos). Hope you enjoy! <Used QTips … lollipop sticks with mini marshmallows dipped in caramel> Halloween_20141031-IMG_1201- <My niece Nikki made Bloody Witch Finger cookies and the Pumpkin Puke (Artichoke & Jalapeno Dip> Halloween_20141031-IMG_1202-1214 <Smily Lips – apples, caramel and mini marshmallows> Halloween_20141031-IMG_1204- <Cured Epidermis – baked prosciutto> Halloween_20141031-IMG_1205- <Veggie Tray, complete with cauliflower skull Halloween_20141031-IMG_1206- <Cutest pumpkin patch ever! Rice Krispy Treat Pumpkins> Halloween_20141031-IMG_1208- <Shrunken Head Cider – apples that were carved and baked into shrunken heads Halloween_20141031-IMG_1211- <Chilled Bone Marrow – Cindy brought these delicious apps!> Halloween_20141031-IMG_1212- <Pumpkin Dip – my mom’s Haystack dip that we always annihilate> Halloween_20141031-IMG_1220- <Salty Bones – breadsticks with Salt on top, shaped like bones> Halloween_20141031-IMG_1223- <Mummy Dogs – hotdogs wrapped in breadsticks for the kiddos> Halloween_20141031-IMG_1226- <Everyone enjoying! Cindy has a candy corn cocktail (which is delicious!> Halloween_20141031-IMG_1224_1227

      And on to the awesome video!