The April birthdays are kicking off today with Grandma’s 39th 25th birthday!  Carter tried to snort his version of Happy Birthday this morning to wish her a great day and she and Grandpa are going to go brave the high seas out on the boat all day today, enjoying the sunshine on the water.  Should be a lot of fun!

      We have been keeping busy over the last week running errands, visiting with people, and going on walks.  I need to get some more pictures uploaded as well – I took a bunch of Carter’s first real bath (not sponge) and he actually loved it!  As long as we kept the warm water pouring over him, he enjoyed hanging out and looking around while we got him scrubbed up.

      Carter is really starting to stay awake longer and is focusing and holding his attention on things a lot more.  Early last week when I was changing him, he was hanging out looking around, so I put a small toy in his line of vision, right next to him.  He stared at it and then tried to move towards it!  He also will keep and hold eye contact with you for longer now, which is fun.  And he has become quite the little talker while he feeds (ranging from grunts to moans to cooing noises).  We have gotten a couple of smiles out of him – most happen inadvertently, but there have been a small handful that seemed like they were more in response to me smiling at him as he was focused on my face.  And his eyelashes are dark and long like Jeremy’s, so we are still rooting for Team Blue in the eye color department!

      Last night was our first true mix up of night and day – yesterday he was awake most of the day (only going down for a couple of very short snoozes), so I figured he would be out last night, but no.  We tried to head to bed around 9:30 (which is our normal time) and I fed him and he fell asleep, but promptly woke back up.  Jeremy was still wide awake, so he took him downstairs and Carter was awake for awhile, then finally nodded off for a bit.  They came back up around 12:30, so I fed Carter and tried to get him to sleep, but he wouldn’t nod off and just wanted to eat more … and he proceeded to do that for the next three hours.  By then, I only had hind milk left (which he has to work hard for) and he was frustrated because it wasn’t easy and I knew that he wasn’t hungry after feeding that much, so Jeremy finally grabbed him and brought him downstairs.  Carter then sat in his pack-n-play for the next hour kicking his legs around like crazy – he wasn’t sleepy at all.  I think he may have gone down for a little while here and there, but he was pretty much awake most of the night.  And poor Jeremy is going to be a train wreck tonight (understandably) since he didn’t get much sleep.

      In the meantime, Carter is out like a light, sleeping soundly in the moby (so i can type with two hands!).  It’s great – each time he fusses, I rock a little bit and he is out again.  As long as he isn’t overly tired to the point of thinking he is hungry that is ;-)

      Today we are going to try to get some yard work done since it is FINALLY like spring here (supposed to be 70 degrees again today, and SUNNY!).  We will either have to figure out how to get him to crash in his stroller or will need to bring the little rocker outside … or maybe just put him on a blanket to see what he does.  I will get some photos and get them posted (as well as some from Easter and his first bath).