Today is Uncle Mark’s 9th 29th birthday!  If you are confused about how Uncle Mark is older than Grandma, I wouldn’t worry about it ;-)  Apparently this is Uncle Marks 3rd celebration of this birthday because on Saturday he bought a new Husky bike (where Grandpa strategically laid over a different Husky bike so that he was obligated to buy it … and go to the ER cause he banged up his knee, uhhh – Happy Birthday Grandma?).  Then last night I get a phone call on Uncle Mark’s 2nd celebration of his birthday where he asked, “Do I sound different?” and the call was promptly dropped (or something along those lines) … he got the new iphone from Auntie Kimmy & the kids (and he can explain that one to Scott).  So on his real birthday, who knows what will happen!  Maybe Carter will produce a special explosion just for Uncle Mark ;-)

      Carter met two new friends in our neighborhood this week while we were out on a walk!  There area 10-week old fraternal twin boys a few blocks from us!  This is great news for easy play-dates as the kids get older and even better that I now have a new mom-friend (who also has a toddler in addition to the twins – eeek that’s a lot of work!).  Jeremy and I started speculating on how much potential trouble they could get into when they are older … this will be interesting!

      Over the last two days or so Carter started following toys with his eyes, really tracking things well!  His neck is getting stronger, he is practicing holding it up when he is on his tummy.  And for the last two nights he has slept all on his own (not next to one of us) throughout the night, so we are making progress with getting him adjusted to being on his own!


      Sounds like Carter is doing GREAT! Can’t believe there’s twin boys near you – pretend she’s me… ;-)