Today is a big day for you – you are now closer to 40 than you are to 30. Welcome to the club!

      I hope that this day brings joy and contentment as you think about the past and look forward to the future. There is much to be celebrated: We have two bright, wonderful, healthy children. Even though you feel like your body is getting older, you are still in good health. You married the most amazing woman ever (haha).

      While birthdays really aren’t something we make a big deal out of for each other, I couldn’t let this day pass without letting you know how fortunate I feel to be part of your life. Here is to fondly remembering this last year and happily looking forward to this next!

      Happy Birthday!

      <Instead of posting a photo, we have a drawing courtesy of Carter “This is a picture of my dad”
      Boy am I sure glad he was able to get that belly button right!)Daddy-8850