Since I didn’t get a chance to do a Christmas post on Christmas, figured we could do a “Happy Boxing Day” one instead.

      Christmas Eve and Christmas day were a lot of fun. It was so great to spend time with the family and Carter LOVES all his cousins. Brunch turned out wonderfully – all the recipes were a success and I was able to make both homemade bread and cinnamon rolls without drama.

      Carter did fantastic with opening presents – he ripped into everything without a problem and he waited his turn when one of his cousins was opening their presents. We set out milk and cookies for Santa, explaining what would happen and he wanted nothing to do with reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (he basically started screaming and ran into another room and back while the rest of us enjoyed it).

      Christmas morning was a lot of fun – he dug into his stocking with gusto and saw all the wonderful presents that Santa had left under the tree, and understood which ones were from Santa. It took awhile to make it through all his presents because we had to open and play with each one before moving on. Oh, and when we couldn’t open something, Carter would tell us, “Scissors” after hearing me once ask for the scissors when I couldn’t open something.

      We headed over to Grandma and Grandpa’s Christmas afternoon where Carter was in rare funny form. While waiting for everyone to arrive, Carter played hide-n-seek with Nikki and Ryan. When Carter was hiding, Nikki and Ryan would walk around the room looking for him and at one point, Ryan says, “Are you over here?” to which Carter yells, “NO!” from his hiding place. Classic.

      Carter again did a fantastic job with being patient and waiting his turn when opening presents. Grandpa would hand him a present and tell him who it was for and Carter would quickly deliver it without a fuss. The only time where this backfired is when Grandpa received a gift from Grandma and Carter took it from him, saying “To Carter. To Carter,” and walking away.

      Another funny for the evening is when Carter was eating some fruit snacks. Uncle Mark and Uncle Scott were both sitting there, opening their mouths asking for one. Carter put one in Uncle Mark’s mouth and then walked to Uncle Scott with his hand outstretched and got about four inches from Uncle Scott’s mouth before grinning devilishly and yanking it back and eating it himself. Poor Uncle Scott…

      While we loved every moment of the last few days and Carter did so well, I am glad for a few days of stimulation-free activity where we can get him to bed earlier. He has had a time of it here lately, thinking he is missing out on everything!