Happy But Sad News:
      Thursday Mark & Kim came over and handed us a flyer.  We took a quick peek and no surprise, it was for a house (they have attempted to buy a new house going on four years now, taking us on that adventure once with them).  But wait – it was a flyer to sell THIER house.  They have not found a place to buy, but they desperately want to be in a new area so they did the only thing that would truly work – put their house up for sale and sell it first.  I am so happy for them because they are making the move they have wanted to for a long time, but selfishly I am SO SAD because they won’t be a mile away anymore :-(  They had two offers in a week, though nothing has finalized yet.  Fingers are crossed for them!

      Plain Ole Sad News:
      Four weeks from today I am back at work.  ‘Nuff said.

      I started training for the half marathon last week and logged 14 miles total.  Monday:3, Wednesday:4, Friday:4, & Saturday:3  Not to mention I played soccer on Monday & went on a walk with the moms on Saturday.  This week I have the same mileage line-up, except my long run will be 5 miles instead of 4 (& will be on Saturday instead of Friday).  BTW – I LOVE the BOB.  Love love love it.  My dad is wanting to get back in shape and lose some weight, so he is going to start joining me on the bike while I run and then we are going to walk together on my off days.  Hopefully this will kick start him in the right direction and now that I have told everyone – he will have to stick to it ;-)

      I am convinced Carter will be crawling (or very close to) by the time I go back to work.  He can push his chest completely off the floor now with his arms and ends up scooting backwards and/or rotating depending on what he is looking at.  It is nuts.  Jeremy woke up this morning and showed me the video monitor and Carter was just hanging out on his own, playing with his feet.  Jeremy turned to me and said, “His head was the other direction when I put him down.”  Apparently he rotated yet again.  I am not so excited about mobility (well, I am but I am not) – we need to start baby-proofing our house now and get ready to chase!!!

      He continues to be such a happy little guy, really only crying when he needs things and having an occasional cranky day (so I really can’t complain).  He was giggly this morning and it was so cute – he is such a love!