I went to check on Baby Center what the update for this week would be and it says, “Congratulations on your newborn!”  Um … this is a little ahead of the game still.  Still nothing happening – I keep waiting for some contractions to start or something to indicate that we are finally going to have this kid, but all I get is radio silence and then kicked in the ribs.

      I will take a picture later in the day of how nice and big I am getting (our due date photo – ha).  In the meantime, I think my mom and I are going to go walk the mall since it is yucky outside.  I bounced on the exercise ball for over an hour again last night and will do it again tonight.  Worst case scenario is that I am slowly getting back in shape again!  I have this tiny little hope that we go in tomorrow, but I doubt that will happen, especially since I have not been feeling any contractions at all.  Keep your fingers crossed!



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