Yesterday was too busy to get a post up – we literally went from one fun thing to the next!  The guys finished the Dirtyface ride without any issues and seemed to have a good time.  Sounded like there were too many people there, but the course was fun.  Uncle Mark headed home after dinner so that the kids could wake him on Fathers Day morning and we made a big breakfast for Daddy and Grandpa when they woke up on Sunday.  Jeremy’s fathers day present was another xbox for the media room at home that he really wanted to get, but I kept saying no to (why do we need TWO of them??).  Plus he got an uninterrupted night of sleep – I got up with Carter when he woke up in the middle of the night (we are back to our 3 hour sleep stretches again – BOOOOOO.  I am hoping this is short lived).

      We rushed home on Sunday so that we could go see Nikki’s Dance Performance.  She has been taking hip hop lessons with a dance studio in Kent?  Auburn?  All I know is that it was one of the more entertaining things I have seen in a long time … but as Mark said, it was entertaining for the WRONG reasons (see above where the dance studio was located).  Nikki did great – she bumped up into the older kids class because kids her age couldn’t follow instructions.  She was so tiny out there compared to everyone else!  Carter watched half the performance transfixed – I think he liked all the bright lights.  I was transfixed for other reasons … kinda like watching a train wreck – you couldn’t look away.

      This week is going to be crazy in terms of getting packed and ready for our Monterey trip.  I have already started a list of things we can’t forget – I am on the second page.  Good news about the trip – I will have time to post pictures while we are on the road!  No more long stretches with a whole lotta nuthin :-)  Blogging and photos are easy things to do while driving down the road!