This week was excruciatingly long and one of the more difficult ones I have had in a long time.  I am fine, baby is fine, it was just emotionally draining.  I had the unfortunate experience with hearing about more co-workers & friends being let go than I thought I would when the total number is at 1400.  Thankfully I still have a job & Mark still has a job (for now anyway, we both are still wondering what “waves” will really mean).  Scott’s position got RIF’d though, but he has been presented with a lot of great options so he just needs to soul search to figure out what he wants to do.  His could find another job within the company (sounds like he has been contacted by a lot of folks already who want him, including someone in China who wants to relocate him) or take the severance package offered to enjoy a nice large chunk of time off & then either retire permanently or find a job after after the time off.

      My parents are on their way home a bit earlier than they were hoping, as they learned my Grandfathers health was starting to decline again.  Sounds like he has an appointment with a cardiologist on Monday, so hopefully we will get more information then.  I think my parents are aiming to be home by Monday … Tuesday at the latest, as they left from close to the Mexican border this morning and their trip is dependant on the weather.

      For happier news, we are now at Week 32 with the baby and it is growing a LOT.  The Bean is at 3.75lbs and is 16.7 inches long and this week I experienced the first truly painful growth spurt.  I worked late on Wednesday night and ended up sitting too long for most of the day – by the end of the day it felt like the baby was pushing up into my ribcage trying to find more room and was attempting to move my ribs and ab muscles out of its way.  I have been so lucky so far to not have had a ton of pain, but I think that is going to start changing a bit over the course of the next couple of weeks.

      For our weekend – I just ordered a changing table and closet system for the baby’s room, so those should hopefully be here by next week and we can start getting things organized.  We are going to paint the walls in there today, so the major things should be taken care of by next weekend.  Sounds like we have dates set for our family showers – February 21st Jeremy and I look forward to seeing the Butler/Halbert/Weber side of the family and then on February 28th we will have the Skorupa’s & girlfriends one.  In the meantime, our classes start next weekend with the Childbirth Preparation, “Class covers the labor process, labor coping skills, pain medication, interventions of pregnancy and labor, cesarean birth, postpartum adjustment and more.”  Should be enlightening … but I still think in some cases ignorance is bliss ;-)