Gavin – today you turned four! When you woke up this morning you were convinced that you still had one more sleep until you turned four, but when you saw your presents downstairs you got over it pretty quickly. That is one of your many attributes that I appreciate so much – your ability to move past things quickly.

      Three was a pretty fun year for you. We watched you start preschool and you were so excited to finally go to school like your older brother. You embraced the time away with gusto and without looking back. In fact you pretty much do everything with gusto, which is another thing that we so love about you. Your laugh is infectious and you are always having so much fun. Your expressions are always changing and priceless – it makes me so glad that I have my camera out. I will have no shortage of funny pictures of you! Right now you are into asking about addition. “Mom, what’s one plus one? Two plus two? Four plus four? Eight plus eight?” and so on. You also ask about opposites, “What’s the opposite of tree?” Uh…. grass? “What’s the opposite of head?” Uh…feet? “No! Tails!” You love to sing or hum – at the dentist this week you had the hygienist humming along with you as she cleaned your teeth. It makes me think that we need to get you in singing/music lessons. Your imagination is wonderful and you love pretending with your brother. You happily play Star Wars with him, getting the bad guys.

      You didn’t really go through a terrible twos, but man – the late threes started to get challenging with you. Thankfully any tantrums you throw, you move past them quickly. You get a little more easily frustrated now when you don’t get your way and get a really funny angry voice when you explain why you are mad. Sometimes it is really tough not to laugh when you do that. You also say the funniest things. My favorite was last week when you were tired and threw your arms around my neck and tell me, “Mom. I really love you. I only hate you when I am cranky.” It’s always good to know where you stand buddy.

      I can’t believe that you are four years old already. It seems like just yesterday you woke me up early on the first day of spring to make your arrival. And then you were two months old when we moved into our house. Before we knew it you were crawling, then talking and walking. And now you are a little boy. No longer a baby, not a toddler, but a boy. It is going by too fast.

      I have taken so many photos of you over the last four years and it was tough going through all of them to pick which ones to post. Here are a bunch of you over the years. We love you Gavin-O. Happy Fourth Birthday!