Uh yup … I FINALLY broke down and bought the new camera that I have been trying to wait patiently for (it has been over a year now). Latest rumors that I have been following say it won’t be out for another 8 months or so and at this rate my kids are going to be in college before I ever pull the trigger. So I did it. I just bought the Canon 5D Mark II since there is a rebate through the holidays.

      It should arrive next Thursday, just in time for our trip to run the Leavenworth Half Marathon. Now we can get nice full frame photos of my face contorted in pain. Oh, and also 1080p video while we are at it. I *almost* also bought the 24-70L lens that I have been waiting on, but this version has been out since 2002 and the replacement has GOT to be right around the corner. In the meantime I will continue to steal my brothers 16-35L. Crap. Scott, don’t read this! LOOK AWAY! (Have I mentioned you are the BEST brother EVER? Wait. Mark, don’t read this! Man, this is just a vicious cycle…)


      Loser. Your guilt will rapidly disappear when you give the 5DMkII to me. Compare to SONY NEX-5N and other cameras here http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/SonyNex5N/page12.asp.

      Where’s my lens! You left the lens hood here you know…

      She couldn’t figure out where the batteries went so she left it.


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