Halloween sure got here quickly! I can’t believe that tomorrow is November 1st – I am just not quite ready for it.

      We had a lot of fun today – I took the boys to the mall to exhaust them on the play equipment in hopes that they would both get in a nice long nap before tonight. It never works like I plan however. Gavin didn’t sleep much and Carter didn’t sleep at all.

      I made spicy chili in the morning before we headed out, then we carved pumpkins in the afternoon after we got back from getting apple cider and some fun Halloween mugs at the mall. Todd, Teresa, and Ian joined us for dinner and we got dressed up for trick-or-treating and headed out. And we had four trick-or-treaters at our house … two of them were Ryan and Nikki stopping by to say hi at the end of the night – which is good, cause we unloaded most of our candy on them!

      Some funny highlights from trick-or-treating:

      • Gavin pretty much ran from house to house. Not just walk like a normal person, but RAN. He was on a mission and he was deliriously tired and if he didn’t, I think he would have crashed.
      • Carter held hands the whole time while walking. He was clearly being the bigger kid.
      • “HALLOWEEN!” Gavin was excited at the doors of our neighbors and when we asked him to say trick-or-treat, he would yell it. When we asked him to say thank you, he would yell it. When we asked him to say Happy Halloween, he pretty much just looked up at whoever, grinned, and yelled, “HALLOWEEN!!”
      • Carter understood the significance of the trick-or-treat bag when he was Gavin’s age. Gavin kept dropping his so he could run faster to the next house.
      • Anyone who had a dog also had a young little boy trying to get into the house to the dog. Oh, and Gavin kept trying to open people’s doors before they answered too.

      Here are the photos from out night – Carter wasn’t excited or anything:Carter-6087

      Here he is with his mask on, checking himself out in the entry mirror:Carter-6089

      Again, looking so handsome!Carter-6095

      Gavin wanted his “SHOES ON!” so that we could head out trick-or-treating:CarterandGavin-6093

      And the whole family all dressed up – uh, this is the last year I let Jeremy choose costumes for us.Family-6107


      Gavin looking pretty cute as Robin:Gavin-6091


      The guys getting ready to head out:Guys-6100

      And our pumpkins – one I did with a template, the other Carter drew. He had to put a mustache on it, just like Grandpa has!Pumpkins-6113


      I love the family costumes. Everyone got dressed in their Halloween outfit except Jeremy who wore his work clothes.


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