Can’t believe that 2009 is already here – time continues to pass quickly whether I am ready for it or not.  This next year is definitely going to be an adventure for us.  I am excited and terrified all at the same time!  Hopefully our humorous recounts of situations will keep you entertained for the next year … if you don’t think I am funny, there is something wrong with you ;-)

      My new camera arrived in time for our New Years Eve Bash at Mark and Kim’s!  Love it so much – the LCD screen in the back is about double what I had on the 20D, the auto sensor cleaner makes me smile every time it occurs and the new lens is awesome – it will definitely be my walk-around lens.  I posted a couple of photos below from New Years Eve night.  Nikki and Taylor are the new Rockers in the house!!  We karaoke’ d with "Lips" for a good portion of the evening and tried to make a movie with "You’re In the Movies".  Grandma was a good burglar.

      Funniest story on New Years Eve was watching a video that my dad took of Nikki the day after Christmas while she was playing in the snow.  Her imagination is something else!  I will link to it when he posts it, but I can safely say that this one will live on forever.  So will Smelly Gym Socks.

      New Years day was productive for us – we finally got our office cleaned out.  Working on getting the baby’s room ready with just baby stuff and our spare bedroom set up on Saturday.  Feels good to make a bit of progress!

      Had my doctor’s appointment today where we did the glucose test and I had to drink this nasty sweet drink and then get my blood drawn.  I will find out early next week if I have gestational diabetes or an iron deficiency.  I think I am okay on both fronts, but it will be nice to know regardless.  Heart rate was a little elevated at 160BPM, but that is typical after drinking sugar water apparently.  My belly measured in at 29cm and I guess that is right on track (1cm per week of pregnancy).  We are now at 29 weeks, weighing in at 2.5lbs and 15in long!  I ate some spicy chili for dinner tonight and we enjoyed watching my belly as the baby kicked around like crazy.  Though every time Jeremy places his hand on my stomach, the movement stops.  He either relaxes the baby, or the kid is already scared of him ;-)

      Hope everyone’s holidays were wonderful and we wish all of you the best for 2009!  Enjoy the photos of the five Skorupa grandkids below (and how fantastic my new camera is)!!

      My Week 29 Profile Photo – I suddenly feel huge after looking at this.

      Nikki and Taylor will give any Hannah Montana a run for their money!
      IMG_0007_edited_nikki IMG_0013_edited_Taylor

      Ryan is too cute with his new glasses

      Melissa isn’t a little girl anymore … and she is starting to find her own unique identity ;-)


      Thanks for the pics of Ryan and Nikki….i grabbed them and posted to Facebook. :) New years eve was a lot of fun!

      You look great!!