Yesterday it was fun to look back a bit – today it is all about looking ahead! This year is going to be one of the most challenging ones I likely have ever experienced (hello no sleep, then chasing a toddler around all day while still caring for an infant), but it will also be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling. I honestly (stupidly?) am looking forward to it!

      I am now 10 weeks out from my due date … so I could go earlier or later, who knows. Carter was 4 days late, so I am anticipating K2 will also arrive either on time or later. Who knows, we may end up with a Saint Patrick’s baby!

      My five realistically attainable goals for 2011:

      • I will purchase a Canon 24-70L lens at some point this year (unless Canon screws me and holds off for yet another year on it) AND I will purchase the Canon 5D Mark III when it is released (if it is released this year). I already have money set aside for both!!
      • I will complete the 2010 photobook of our family which involves condensing this blog down, adding photos, and getting it printed. I am already thankful that I did one last year, so I am definitely going to do it again (even if it takes me all year).
      • I don’t know if I am just nesting right now or what, but I will get our house and lives organized – ideally prior to the arrival of K2. In fact, this weekend we will be dealing with the chaos of our office as well as getting Carter and K2’s rooms set up for longer term.
      • I will take more photos this year. In fact, my goal for after the arrival of K2 is to do weekly photos of the boys while I am on maternity leave – so we should get weekly photos for the first 6 months.
      • And finally (assuming that there are no complications and I recover quickly), I will run the Leavenworth Oktoberfest Half Marathon and will try to also find a run in December to do. I need to have between 4-5 of these on the books each year to keep me in shape. And depending on my recovery time, I might just find one in early September to do as well. And *MIGHT* is the key to that last sentence!

      Happy New Year to you all!



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