Another year gone by and I cannot believe that we are now at 2010.  This last year has been a wonderful one for the Halbert family because of the arrival of Carter Tait.  Every day with him brings us so much joy, he is such a love and the best thing that could have ever happened to us.  Someone remind me of this moment when he is a teenager!  ;-)

      I tend to always use the New Year to reflect on my life and what I would like to focus on for at least a month (ha).  Here are my New Years Resolutions (or Goals):

      • Slow down and enjoy the little moments.  Work is always going to be frenzied, it doesn’t mean that I need to be as well, so I am going to really focus on the small stuff, because it accumulates each day to make it great.
      • Start Project 52 – there are a lot of Project365s out there where you take a photo every day.  This is a great tool to really push yourself with your camera to do things you wouldn’t normally.  I am going to try Project52 where it is about posting one photo a week.  I really should call it Project104 because I will likely take a weekly photo of Carter and then a weekly photo of other stuff.
      • I will purchase a Canon 24-70L lens at some point this year.  Even if I have to sell my husbands body to do it ;-) (I honestly felt like I was asking for the Daisy Red Rider BBGun for Christmas when I would spew “A Canon 24-70L Lens!!” and grin)
      • Run three half marathons (Mercer Island in March, Seattle in June, Leavenworth in October).  I would like the October one to be in less than 2 hours and I just want to run the MI and Seattle ones without walking (they are really hilly).

      I thought it might be fun to reflect on the “Then” and “Now” photos of Carter– It is amazing how quickly he has changed!  (And the poor guy was so beat up after labor.)  Happy New Year everyone!




      Our resolutions are the same, save one… Can you guess which? Lolol (um, the half marathons!). You are reminding me I wanted to do a 52 week project as well. Must get on that!