We have been working with Carter on saying “Thank You” for awhile – trying to break him of the “Thanks Welc” that grandpa taught him (*sigh*) and he has been doing really well with it. On Thanksgiving, we tried to get him to say “Happy Thanksgiving” but all he would say was “Happy Thank You!” It was so sweet and funny.

      We spent Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa, which was an extremely quiet affair compared to normal – in fact I don’t think I have ever had a Thanksgiving with that few people! It was a wonderful dinner and just what we needed.

      Grandma and I tackled Black Friday shopping the next morning and boy were the crowds out! It was good to see (maybe the economy is turning around??) and I got Carter some snow boots and a snow suit and Jeremy a bunch of new clothes. Oh, and we got a new mattress for Carters toddler bed … but he still sleeps on his giant stuffed lion on the floor next to his bed.

      Friday afternoon we headed to Nana and Papa’s for our second Thanksgiving dinner. Carter had a ton of fun with his cousins and we enjoyed this new phase of being able to leave him with older kids easily!

      Saturday Jeremy and Carter headed to Whidbey Island to visit the Halbert side of the family – I opt’d out of the trip because long car rides are now proving to be very uncomfortable for me. The boys had a good time while I enjoyed an entire afternoon and evening to myself. On Sunday we had Ian, Todd, and Keegan over for a birthday celebration for Todd. He is old now!

      I had my 24 week appointment today, except I am 25 weeks. We had to reschedule my appointment last week because of the snow storm. Everything looks great – K2’s heart rate was coming in at a steady 150bpm and I measured 25cm, so he actually isn’t bigger than he should be (even though I feel gigantic). I go in again at 28 weeks and have my glucose screening (yuk, nasty stuff to drink for that), and then was informed that following that appointment, I start going every two weeks. HUH?!?! I can’t believe that I am that far along already – I was sent home with the hospital pre-registration packed today too, and given information on early labor signs. Guess this is really happening!!!

      Here is my 24 week (well, 24.5 week) photo:


      And here are a few fun ones of Carter on Thanksgiving day:






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