Had my 35 week check up today & definitely was curious what the baby’s bpm would do this time around.  I am rotating doctors and had my normal doc’s wife, which was fun.  She asked how I was doing, I let her know about the crazy heart rate two weeks ago, so she grabbed the Doppler to check it out.  BPM started at 155, went to 165, 170, and she started laughing and said that the baby looks like it responds to the Doppler and that she felt it kick and saw the heart rate go up, so that I had nothing to worry about and it was a good sign of health.  So everything looks great there!

      I asked her if she wouldn’t mind checking the position of the baby, as I was curious if it was heads down and I clearly don’t look like I have dropped yet (hullo baby in my ribs).  So she starts feeling around, feeling around, and goes, “I want to have a look at your cervix.”  Uhhhh, okay.  So she takes a look and tells me that it is still closed at this point, but the baby’s head is pushing right against it and that my cervix feels pretty short.  She then tells me that we really need to do everything we can to keep the baby in there for at least another week, so I am not on bed rest, but I am not supposed to do anything strenuous at all.  Oh and the best part, apparently I had a really strong contraction while she was doing the Doppler and I had NO IDEA (I assume it is a Braxton hicks as it wasn’t painful and she said it wasn’t a labor contraction).

      So, I guess this means that the baby really could come at any point, but she also said that it could just sit there like that for another month.  They moved my appointments to weekly to keep a closer eye on things and Jeremy and I realized that we need to start pulling together a list of essentials just in case.  EEEEKKKK!!!!  I am not ready yet!!!  (but excited nonetheless!)