Another friday is here – can’t believe how fast time is flying by.  We are now at 35 weeks (35 days to go!) and the baby has grown to a whopping 5.25lbs and is a little over 18 inches long.  Sounds like a few more things need to develop over the next week and then the remaining time is all about putting on weight.

      We had our hospital tour last night (we are at Swedish), so now we know where to park (depending on time of day) and where to check in.  The birthing suites are very nice and I learned that we have one nurse dedicated to us for our delivery – they have it set up so that you don’t share nurses until post partum recovery.  About 2-3 hours after delivery, they move us to a post partum recovery room where we will spend 24-36 hours if we delivery naturally, 3-4 days if we deliver by c-section.  Glad that we had that tour scheduled sooner rather than later!

      The baby is definitely getting bigger – there was a leg or foot that was literally sticking out of me on and off yesterday.  Jeremy was going to try to push it back in at one point, but given the last time he did that the poor kid jumped to the other side of me, I stopped that one.  Below is my profile picture from the day of my doctor’s appointment.  As you can see, I am still carrying pretty high!



      Uh, yep, we are about the same size……. lolol

      Awwww you look so cute!!!