Things are just falling into place so well for us … we are now half way there!

      Inspection on our current house last Friday went well – we received an email around 7pm that stated the buyers have no requests for us and are waiving the inspection!! We couldn’t believe it and apparently that doesn’t happen very often these days. The buyers agent said, “House very well maintained. My compliments to the seller for the condition of home.” WOOOOWHOOOO!

      We just got back the inspection response to our new home and they either explained some of the things we were asking to be fixed (flashing on roof is decorative and not functional, it is installed correctly), or gave us a credit to do the work ourselves (replacing the windows with failed seals, etc). There really was only one thing that they gave us credit for that we wanted them to take care of (moisture in the back garage), so all in all, we are pleased.

      Next up: Appraisals. I believe we have our new house occurring this week sometime and we still have yet to hear back on when the appraisal will be on our current home. We need to keep our house “show ready” for the appraisal, sounds like they will be walking through it. Thankfully I will get at least a one day notice!

      Once that is done, it is on to packing up our house. We have three weeks to get everything pulled together and ready for the move. I am super thankful that I was a crazy-stager because three quarters of our house is already packed and in a storage unit. All that is really left is kitchen/bath essentials, the china that was on display, all the photos/art that are on the walls, clothes, handful of toys and furniture. If I get a few boxes packed a day, then it should be relatively painless.

      I am really looking forward to moving into the new house and keep daydreaming about my view from the kitchen and my new yard. I will take and post photos once we are in so that everyone can see what the new place looks like!


      I can see why you would be dreaming of the view from that fantastic window. And ohhhhh what a yard.