It is close to the end of October – how the heck did that happen?

      October has been an extremely busy month for us. Starting it with the Leavenworth Half Marathon, then four days later Jeremy and I headed to the east coast to celebrate our five year anniversary. We took our honeymoon there – so does that make this an anniversermoon? I had wanted to take some time to update the site and post photos while we were there, but we were too busy either relaxing or doing things. Plus I didn’t bring the technology necessary to do any photo editing work, which is why there are only a couple of random posts here and on facebook of photos from my phone.

      The photos I am sharing are all from my Mark II – I had some bad luck at the end of the trip and left our new Sony camera in the rental car. I am still on the hunt to see if they were able to find it (fingers crossed), but have come to terms with the fact that we likely won’t see it again. The worst part of this is that is the camera we took most of the photos and videos on, so they will likely be gone now as well (not to mention that camera set us back a chunk of change).

      So a quick recap of the first part of our trip – we flew into Boston, rented a car, and then headed to Newport, RI for a half marathon there. Newport is a spectacular town and we would LOVE to someday rent a house on the shore for a month in the summer. I highly doubt we could afford it, but it is a wonderful thought at least! We had a lot of fun exploring the town, looking at the amazing mansions along the shore, and even caught the local seafood festival where I tried a lobster roll for the first time and we enjoyed listening to a gentleman playing guitar and singing while we sipped a beer in the sunshine.

      Here are a few photos from a walk around the town:



      Jeremy was trying to be all artsy with this one, making me crack up.Lisa-5931

      This was a cool little walkway to the sea that I spotted on one of our walks.HiddenView-5933

      Here is Jeremy in front of a giant tank of giant lobsters at the seafood festival.Jeremy-5942

      Behind this boat is a little local coffee shop called the Coffee Grinder that we got our latte at every morning. The owner was very kind and had kids close to our kids ages, which always led to some interesting conversations.



      The race was windy and chilly on Sunday. We originally were just going to walk it, but Jeremy wanted to pick up the pace a bit. I think we ran probably 75% of it and finished in two hours and forty two minutes – not bad considering Jeremy never trained and my knee was still hurting. Poor Jeremy was hurting pretty good at the end of it. More from not having built up the callouses that come with training than anything else.

      Following the race, we headed to New Hampshire to our favorite B&B from our honeymoon – Bishop Farm. We absolutely adore the owners Annie and Maggie, a mother-daughter team that make you feel so welcomed there. On Monday we headed to Vermont to take a look at the Von Trapp family lodge. This is where the famous Von Trapp family settled after fleeing Austria. Apparently it is still owned and operated by family members, but now it is a booming resort with a hotel or homes you can purchase or time-share into.

      Jeremy heading up to the lodge.Jeremy-5969

      View from the other side.Lodge-5973

      View of the foliage from the lodge.


      I will do another write up of Tuesday through Friday this week – I anticipate that a little guy will be waking up anytime making it impossible for me to finish up.


      My gosh you have a handsome husband (Really, I’m not partial!) Love all the photos, but especially the blue with blue sky.


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