First off, it has been FOREVER since I have blogged. I finished up my 365 project (feel free to click the previous post links below to see the last few months … I didn’t do much advertising of them on Facebook). Then I took a much needed break from the crazy. And we have been busy. Oh so busy.

      But now it’s the last Friday before school starts. And it is a pivotal year for me – BOTH kids will be in school full time. There will be some massive catching up on the blog, many more photos to edit from our spring and summer, videos to create and post, tagging and archiving of two years worth of pictures. I will finally have some time.

      For today here is a fun set of photos during one of our many summer trips. I let Carter take over my Fuji x100t for a bit and he got some really fun and cute shots (coming soon), but here was a moment where we taking pictures of each other.