Usually when I see that word, I think of too much drinking. But now my son has given it a whole new meaning… when he decided to climb out of his crib, he doesn’t balance on the rails and gently let himself down, while still holding on. Instead, the second he gets a leg up and over the rail, he literally hurls himself to the other side. But the other side is a good three feet down. There is now a large goose egg on his forehead that has lasted for two days and a lovely white trash chipped front tooth to show for it (thankfully the chipped tooth isn’t too noticeable, just a little jagged on the bottom of one and we really have NO IDEA how it happened).

      So yesterday we decided we needed a toddler bed immediately – Carter clearly cannot handle trying to fall gracefully from his crib and we are so panicked that he is going to break something, no one was getting any sleep at all. We looked online, called stores, and it is amazing that no one carries toddler beds! All we needed was a $60 little bedframe and life would be good again!

      Thankfully they JUST opened a remodeled Babies-R-Us down the hill from us. I picked up Carter, then came home to grab Jeremy, and we headed there to just get something cheap to last us the next year or two until we move him into a real “big boy” set. HAHAHAHA. We found the cheap bed, but they also had this one out on display, which Carter promptly crawled onto, laid down, and then happily played on. This time it was Jeremy who was the sucker and said, “He needs something that is for kids. We have to get this for him. He likes it, it will make the transition easier!” Uh huh.

      So we got home, daddy set to work on putting Thomas together, and around 8:15 we got Carter in his bedroom. At first he was excited about it, but then we told him good night and he freaked out. I think he is going through a phase where he just doesn’t like to be alone. Anyway, we knew everything was okay when he started throwing his giraffe, elmo, duck, blankets, etc. off the bed and onto the floor (this is typical behavior for him). But then he promptly put all of his stuffed animals and blankets DIRECTLY in front of the door and finally fell asleep there. Jeremy snuck in later in the evening and put him on his bed, but when he woke up at 1am, Carter immediately did the same thing and ended up directly in front of the door.

      Carter woke up again at 5am (this is where we would usually end up getting up with him for fear of hurling), but this morning, we left him in his room and after about five minutes or so, he was back asleep. He woke up again around 6am and we let him play in his room until about 6:30 when I went in there and played with him for awhile.

      The toddler bed is now looking to be our “sleep saver” – and THANK GOODNESS – we were all starting to get loopy.


      You were loopy before you had Carter.


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