Oh how I love my new camera. I mean REALLY. LOVE. IT.

      Here are some test photos from tonight. I did my normal post processing on everything, except for one photo I got a bit more creative with. I took some video too, but will have to figure out how to edit/upload that later – it’s too late to do it tonight.

      First Photo with all full frame in its glory:


      And here is the zoom/crop of just Carter. SO IMPRESSED with the resolution!!


      Grandpa dinking around – he had the setting sun on him here:


      This is one where I took a lot more creative liberty during the post-process. Getting the exposure correct without washing out the photo or making it too dark was tricky. I “heart” Lightroom because I did spot adjustments to create this:


      Horse Pasture along our walk, this is another one that is cropped way down:


      Someone kept crawling directly at me while I tried to fire off photos. Gavin is definitely going through the same phase Carter did with that tongue!


      And the cute little man again:



      Very nice! Just in time for your husband to take pictures of you in your big race this weekend! ;) I joke, I joke. I know you won’t let anyone touch this magical photo device.

      Good luck tomorrow!!!

      If only you had a wide angle zoom to use with it…


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