Carter fell and cut his lip this morning. He is fine, but the conversation following it was pretty funny.

      Jeremy: Are you going to be okay?

      Carter: My chin hurts.

      Jeremy: Oh no! Well, it isn’t bad enough to go to the hospital. It is going to heal up. You need to keep your hands off of your lip, we don’t want to get blood on your shirt.

      Me: When we take your shirt off, I will put spray & wash on it before putting it in the washing machine.

      Carter: I will put spray & wash on my chin and it will make it feel better.

      Me: Are we going to put you in the washing machine to make you feel better?

      Carter: No, we will take my chin off and put it in the dishwasher.

      Me: There, you go – all better!

      Carter: NO! We have to go to the hospital where they will take my chin off and give me a new one.

      Jeremy: What kind of new chin do you want? Blue? Green?

      Carter: Um, red is better.




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