With overnight lows at 16 and 15.1 and daytime highs not getting above 27 degrees – it has been a mess around here.  I worked from home on Monday because I didn’t want to brave the icy roads again and then went in yesterday.  The main roads to get off of our hill were still a little hairy, but things were totally fine once you got down to Maple Valley Highway.  Then last night I heard on the radio that they shut down 140th (the 5 lane hill) for about three hours because of accidents from the ice.  They de-iced the whole thing (which was MUCH better than the morning), so after finishing up my Christmas shopping, it didn’t get bad until I got to the top of the hill.  Still some sketchy spots up there, but overall, much better.

      Now there is another storm headed our way and we are supposed to get some snow today and tonight.  Saw a few snowflakes this morning, but nothing past that.  Staying home again today because it isn’t worth getting stuck out there!  That and I had conf calls all day and taking them in a cubicle is not so fun :)