Funny Carter story from Friday:
      Carter went to visit the twins next to my parents for a play date on friday (they are about 3-4 months older than Carter). At one point, Gianna fell and hit her head on the floor. Of course she started crying and then went running to her mom for comfort. Carter watched the entire thing, went running over to the exact same spot where she hit her head, stooped over to knock his own head on that same spot on the floor, then started crying and ran over to Grandma. LOLOLOL – um, what the HECK?

      Saturday we were driving to Poulsbo to Chip and Sandy’s new house for dinner. We timed it so Carter would take his afternoon nap on the ride out there, then fall asleep for the night on the way home. Of course he fought going down for his nap and out of no where started grinding his teeth. He has been teething pretty badly lately and there were two teeth that we could easily see poking through. Well, with all this grinding, I kept reaching to the back seat to make him stop. At one point I decided to check out the tooth situation and stuck my finger along his gums in his mouth. He has FOUR TEETH trying to make their way through right now. One is on the other side of his front tooth on the top, the other is about one space away from the half tooth that still hasn’t completely descended on the top (which is why I had no idea it was coming down). The other two are on either side of his bottom teeth. Poor little guy! They seem to be coming all at once – which I guess is better than the alternative of having this drawn out until he is a teenager (which seemed to be the previous rate he was on to get all his baby teeth).