Ahhhh yes. I missed a week. And I am behind. And I am going to forgive myself. Between getting the kids/house/husband ready for me to have surgery, then having surgery, then the recovery. Well, the last three weeks are about forgiveness with this project. So I missed a week, maybe I will make up for it with an extra week if we do something fun.

      Anyway, here is week four. I took these on the morning of the Super Bowl. We brought Wilson and Rebel Trooper – our two little Seahawk stuffed animals – into the shoot with us. It started with some crazy faces, then¬†Carter giving me the hand and not cooperating, which then resulted in some tackling, tickles and kisses as I tried to get some cooperation from these two. I am thinking we will need to do a location change at some point in order to keep their interest. I am also still experimenting with some off camera flashes that were being very inconsistent (probably doesn’t help when you have a kid hitting the remote shutter 7 times in a row), so we are still working through kinks. But it is imperfectly perfect, no matter what happens. In the meantime, enjoy!!