Just one photo for last week. I couldn’t risk kids jumping around and bumping into me.

      Here is my knee following surgery. I went in to have my meniscus repaired, but when the doctor got into my knee, all he saw was a crazy insane amount of arthritis and my cartilage flaking away. I have several spots where there is bone only, he vacuumed out all the cartilage that flaked off (included the area he was supposed to stitch up), all while saying comments that made me think my soccer/running/anything of impact was going to be over (I was out during the surgery, but they filmed it).

      I walked out of the surgery and my knee felt way better than before I went in pretty much right away. At my follow up appointment I got good and bad news – the bad news was arthritis is genetic and I can thank my parents for how quickly I am falling apart, thanks mom & dad! The good news is that nothing I do will impact the rate at which it develops – meaning I can go back to running, soccer, anything I want! The other good news is my range of motion is wonderful – I can bend it more than 90 degrees and almost straighten it completely (guess that is pretty rare following a surgery like this). I have six weeks of physical therapy scheduled and around three months until I can resume normal activity. If it is anything like when I got my right knee done, it will be nine months to a year until it is completely healed.

      All in all, I will take it! So this week is definitely on the imperfect side, but it is a perfect reminder for where I am at.