I am still behind on getting these posted, but I am working my way out of the backlog…

      Week 6. We were zombies, Gavin booty-shaked, there were crazy kisses and of course some silly faces.

      The imperfect – so yeah, I didn’t really do my hair this time around (who doesn’t love a thrown together loose bun where you didn’t use a brush and just jab in bobby pins so your hair doesn’t fly away?!?). And I do NOT like how the lighting set up turned out in this one (the technical side of me is cringing badly). I also need to up my bribing game – the boys are getting less and less patient with me on these shoots.

      HOWEVER. They are imperfectly perfectly mine. I have so much ammunition on crazy Gavin faces for when he starts dating that it makes it SO. WORTH. IT.