So poor Carter has had some skin problems basically since birth.  We thought (and were told) it was baby acne and that it should go away.  Well, it hasn’t and it has spread all over his arms and legs and is red, irritated, and when not moisturized with lotion, it peels.  I  bought some of the Aveeno lotion specifically for eczema and that seemed to help, so I was going to talk to the doctor about it at his 4-month check up.  Well, while we were on our trip, warm weather seemed to trigger a flare up, so I decided on our return to get right into the doctor.

      We had been going to a general practitioner with Carter and Jeremy & I discussed it and decided that the best course of action is really to find a pediatrician – the explanations of “baby acne” and “stuffy noses are normal” weren’t sitting well with either of us.  So I asked the neighborhood moms and was lucky enough to get into the one that pretty much all of them go to and she is FANTASTIC.

      Highlights from his checkup:
      – 13lbs 6.5oz & 26th percentile
      – 25.5 inches long & 75th percentile
      – 16.5 inch head circumference & 49th percentile
      – The doctor was amazed at how alert he is & how he watched everything so intently.  She commented that he recognized that she was a stranger (due to his crying for a moment while watching her) and most kids are 9-10 months old before they do that
      – He is very strong & active for his age – she was trying to show me how to apply powder on his neckline and tried to pick him up with her hand just under his upper back/shoulders…most kids heads fall backwards exposing their necks, Carters stayed straight & didn’t allow us to get to his neck
      – She thinks the reason he isn’t staying down longer at night is because he is expending more calories than most kids (who are generally sedentary), so he needs to eat more often.  Her recommendation is to add 1 tsp of rice cereal to his last meal of the night so that he has a bit more substance in his system. 
      – Exclusively breastfed babies should be taking a vitamin D supplement (I did not know this!) – formula has it
      – He has very sensitive skin & eczema pretty bad – we got a prescription for it and a skin routine that we need to follow daily.  We have a follow up in three weeks and hopefully it will be gone by then!
      – And we got all his 4 month shots taken care of (poor little guy)