Early last week Jeremy’s Granddad passed away not long after celebrating his ninety fourth birthday.

      I remember the first time meeting Granddad at a family reunion up at Camp Casey and being struck by how big he was. You see, Charles Halbert was one of the earliest professional basketball players who stood six feet, ten inches tall.

      This weekend the family gathered at Camp Casey again to remember him, be with one another, and as I looked around I was struck that he created that room of people. In it were his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. And while it was fascinating that he left a mark in history with a basketball career in an industry that was in its infancy, his true success in life was  that room of wonderful people.

      Granddad-2<These were taken when Carter was two and a half weeks old>
      Granddad-1<Left: First time I met Granddad at Camp Casey, Right: When Carter was about nine months old.>